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NAIVASHA Studio & Gallery


 Naivasha Gallery is a contemporary painting studio and gallery in the North Beach district of San Francisco. The gallery is owned and operated by local artist Nathan Goldsmith.


My work serves as a sanctuary for my mind, a place where I can escape the illusionary nature of the world around me and exist in a space where my subconscious is left alone to wander. In this place energy takes shape as color, and forms are only as recognizable as you imagine them to be. 

Every aspect of my life infiltrates my painting practice. I am inspired by the emotions evoked by people and places surrounding me. My work is in a constant state of evolution as a reflection of the impermanent, ever-changing nature of my life. I am more concerned with communicating an emotional and energetic experience than dictating a familiar environment. Each piece is reflective of a different state of mind in a different place in time and space. I often embed my paintings with crushed natural stones that serve to amplify the work’s energetic qualities. 

Painting has taught me to embrace the harmony between light and shadow, and to recognize that we live in a universe where growth and deterioration rely indefinitely upon one another.


“I like my work to stay somewhere between a macro view and micro view of the universe. it’s really satisfying to me when one person can walk in and see a river or a valey and another person can see a tiny crack on the ground.”